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Cyber Security

What We do?

ValueKreators focuses on processes and governance, which helps in simplifying the data and decision making.

In fast changing digital world data protection at every level has become a challenge for most of the enterprises. Organisations are implementing cyber solutions which is bringing complexity to IT Landscapes.

We at ValueKreators help in bringing the Cyber Governance the missing block in the puzzle to forefront which enables proactive resolution of critical issues or implementation of solution.

Our Cyber Analysts work with you to define the processes for continuous awareness and data protection, Incident Response & remediation.

Building blocks for cyber approach has been defined below and to know more about our services please click here.

Engagement Governance

Valuekreators CISO engages with its stakeholders from business, IT and Steering Committees and reporting includes the KPI related to Engagement health checks, Challenges faced and Critical areas to be addressed.

Service Governance

ValueKreators CISO and its Delivery leads engage with Customers IT Organization (CISO and delivery lead) to discuss the and share the progress against Engagement Level KPI agreed with steering committee.

Teams works to identify the risk and develop the plan for mitigation.

Service Delivery

Valuekreators Service delivery managers provides detailed plan along with following:

  1. KPI for the Project
  2. Risks and Mitigations
  3. Roles and Responsibilities.
  4. Progress against the baselined project.,


Valuekreators has created the infrastructure to support Awareness, knowledge management and Trainings.

Our consultants can turn around quicker PoC for specific processes and tools.

Talk to us for detailed view.

Resource Management

We understand customer requirements on resourcing and we support customers in meeting there needs related to resourcing. We maintain trained pool of resources which can help customers in delivering the results and meeting short term to long term requirements.

We have resourcing as seperate vertical to meet all requirements.

Valuekreators delivers the projects on Fixed price basis and ensures the governance and service delivery quality is of key importance


ValueKreators is focused on processes and methodology and delivers the KPI for any initiative. For example if it is awareness for employees across the enterprise, the first step will be to define and agree to KPI.

If it is implementation of any tool or application then we work with business teams to define the processes which needs to considered along with Pain areas and expected out come. ValueKreator consultants work business and define the complete process and demonstrate the outcome from the tool or application.

Knowledge Management

We have developed the knowledge management systems where our consultants and cyber Analysts refer to and build their strategy for respective customer requirements.

We continuously update our knowledge management portals and train our Cyber Analyst and Consultants so they can deliver to stake holders.

Talk to us for detailed view.

Portfolio of Reporting

As part of our services we have developed the reporting templates which covers from

  1. Non compliance,
  2. Identified risks
  3. Action items open from Last review.
  4. Usage of tools to create awareness and training at all levels in Enterprise.

Talk to us for detailed view.

Tools Adoption

 Valuekreators have developed and partnered with organisations which help in the following:

  1. Awareness
  2. Brand Protection
  3. GRC
  4. 24X7 SoC Monitoring
  5. IAM and PAM.

Talk to us for detailed view.