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Governance and Privacy Measures

Valuekreators Data Security Measures

Our Data Security measures include classification of data, policy enforcement, guaranteeing integrity, providing controlled access, audit of sensitive data and users. Through our managed services, we monitor data in real-time and encrypt it to keep it safe from exploitation.

Our in-depth assessment approach regarding personal and unstructured data provides risk and remediation-focused insights, and guidance towards retention policies, procedures and practices. The end state reinforces Information Governance.


How we partner with your business?

Consulting & Assessment

Our governance teams work with Your Internal Audit and IT teams to define the scope of work which includes details of audits and review mechanisms. Our teams work for specific scope and duration

Managed Services

In Governance and Compliance we work on defined scope and participate in Governance reviews as per the defined schedules. We conduct the audits periodically and support business to comply to observations and requirements.

Process Improvements

We work with business and help them in implementing the changes recommended by standards in GRC.

This can be taken as additional project or as part of the managed service.