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Change in Employee Engagement Perception

The biggest casualty in todays corporate world is Employee and Employer engagement.

There were times when people used to work for than two decades or their entire career in one organization only but it is now a rare scene.

In a fast changing world and economies, people are moving on a much faster pace as compared to last two decades.

Across the spectrum, the average existence of an employee is 4-5 years at mid to senior level where as at junior levels, it ranges around 2-3 years.

Moreover, the hiring trend also has completely changed in the corporate world

From Permanent to Contractual,which shows:

  • More Financial viability to Employee
  • No commitment in either sides.
  • View of Operation is short term.

And all this has impacted in many ways. As performance measurements is done through numbers only, which puts pressure across the line and have resulted an impact on quality issues related to manpower, customer response etc. Seeing the statistics of last two decades, where organisations were investing in training and cross skills of employees, that investment has reduced and have resulted in loss of experienced employees.

To curb this change in Employee engagement, following steps would ensure more stability in the corporate world from Employer prospectus, which would include

  1. Invest in skill enhancement
  2. Opportunity to work in areas where employee feel comfortable.
  3. Clear communication on organisation objectives
  4. Support to employees, if they are struck in deliverables.
  5. Period review of performance and salary.
  6. Recognition of staff on deliverables and achievements.

And on the other hand, employee too have to see their potential and competence by widening their vision and find stability in an organization.

As they in an African proverb, “ If you want to go fast, Go Alone. If you want to go far, Go Together.”