Application Migration to IRIS

Valuekreators helps betting customers migrate their applications from MSSQL and .NET to the IRIS Data Platform.


As a gaming service provider, the response time of the applications for users was not at the desired levels. During stress testing, the system crashed.

The customer had plans to expand the product to other countries using a cost-effective approach. Due to performance and scalability issues, the customer engaged with Valuekreators.

Strategy and Solution

Valuekreators worked with the customer to assess the entire application and suggested a two-step approach to migration without disruption.

Step 1: Migrate Store Procedures in SQL to IRIS and make them work with the Flutter front-end through .NET API. This improved the performance in response time.

Step 2: Convert Store Procedures to IRIS objects and .NET API to IRIS API Framework.


Over a 6-month engagement on the project, Valuekreators successfully migrated the complete application to IRIS. The solution is scalable and has helped the customer roll out the application to other parts of the world.

The new solution is expected to provide:


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