Assessment and Upgrade of Integrations for Healthcare Customers


The customer has an ensemble-based integration in production, and there is no documentation or other information available. With the upgrade of one of the source systems, the impact on HL7 messages is expected and needs to be analyzed.

Strategy and Solution

The Valuekreators team worked on defining the business challenges and expectations regarding the type of information expected from the evaluation process.

With the goal of identifying gaps or failure points, the Valuekreators team conducted assessments of:

To solidify the outcome, Valuekreators developed a utility to analyze the HL7 messages.


Valuekreators’ strategy and the company addressed the key challenge of data integrations and HL7 message analysis. It also delivered an approach to testing and validating the data through utilities.

Valuekreators and the customer anticipate a reduction in integration errors due to the upgrade and a decrease in the time to go live.

Valuekreators works towards the development of sustainable support to the business while leveraging on its core competencies and strengths.

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